Turn Up the Music

November 1993

Newcomer or native, you'll be on top of Denver's suddenly hot music scene with ou guide to the best local talent.

Bursting out of garages, basements, back rooms, and warehouse rehearsal spaces, Colorado music is one of the state's great untapped resources. The recent national successes of bands like Big Head Todd and the Monsters, the fluid, and the Samples have provided an early sounding of the depth and quality of the vast pool of talent hidden in and around Denver. And while these high profile bands shoot off to bigger, brighter tomorrows, there are literally hundreds of mile-high acts plugging in and turning on for eager fans at home every day of the week.

If you're ready to dig into this musical feast and don't know where to begin, don't worry. We've prepared a sample menu from the overwhelming smorgasbord of acts. (Check out our calendar section, elsewhere in this issue, for the addresses and phone numbers of the nightclubs mentioned in this article).