Denver Daredevils

January 1994

Dale Atkins: Going to Extremes
Dale Atkins has seen just how quickly the thrill of adventure can be shattered by a single misstep. A 17-year veteran of Colorado's Alpine Rescue Team, this Congress Park resident has dug out dozens of avalanche victims and recovered numerous broken bodies from climbing accidents. But that doesn't stop him from pursuing a trio fo daring exploits himself. Between his affinity for extreme skiing, marathon mountain biking, and endurance mountaineering, this guy probably feels safer at work than at play.

Twice Atkins has experienced a brush with death during his exploits. He calls it "seeing God," and surprisingly, neither near-tragedy involved skis. The first time, Atkins would on a solo ice climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, 2,000 feet off the ground, when a chunk of ice above him tore loose.