Winter Without Skis

January 1994

This may be Ski Country USA, but that doesn't mean that skiing is all that Colorado has to offer the winter fun-seeker.

It may be Colorado's best-kept secret: winter activities that don't involve skis. Whether you've got a bum knee, a need to appease your significant other, or you've just had enough of the moguls; we've got a guide to alternatives that'll make you wonder why you don't put those poles down more often.

Hungry for a taste of Alaskan adventure? We've got ideas for everything from dog sledding to snowshoeing. Rather get your feet off the ground? Try ballooning or ultra-light flying (you can wave to those poor slobs stuck on the ski lifts). Maybe you'd prefer something with more of an Old West feel? Horseback riding and sleigh rides are breathtaking in the snowcapped mountains. The possibilities are endless. And none of them involve ski boots.