Environmental Surprises

May 1994

1. Put a Lid on it
Think litter comes from litterbugs? Think again. Scientific studies show that 70% of all litter in Denver comes from law abiding citizens like you and me who throw trash out in designated dumpsters or trash cans and then forget to close the lid. With 18,000 residential dumpsters and 11,000 commercial dumpsters in the city, that's a lot of trash blowing around.

2. Forget about Cloth Diapers
For years disposable diapers have been politically incorrect, a taboo amongst the hip and planet-sensitive. The truth is, according to both Garbage Magazine and Consumer Reports, choosing one type of diaper (diaper vs. cloth) over another is unlikely to make a major contribution to the well-being of the environment

3. Stay Home From Work
With the permission from the mucky-mucks, of course. Convince them to establish telecommuting for their workforce. The City and County of Denver repo9rts that their Travel Reduction Program for Denver employees alone saved 37,000 pounds of carbon monoxice emissions and 2,000 pounds of particulate emissions just in the last year.