Making the Most of What You Have

July 1994
Denver interior designer Connie Morgan works with the things you already own to give your home a dramatic new look

When I separated from my husband, I moved into a three-bedroom apartment, taking along just one bed. I brought four dining room chairs, but no table. And I would up with a couch for every room: a huge, tufted-leather sofa, a 100 - year - old loveseat that is so hard I know why the Victorians sat up straight, and three benches that were designed for looks, not for comfort.

My first impulse was to go shopping to replace what I'd left behind. But US West, Public Service Co, and the movers had prior claims on my money. Besides, I didn't know much about decorating and was afraid I'd get stuck with the wrong things. Also, there was a good chance this was a temporary situation. So acquiring furniture I'd have to get rid of later on would be foolish.