Broadway Bound

Denver's own antique row can fill your house, finish your gift list, and just may be the best way yet to spend a fine fall day.

September 1994

South Broadway isn't what it used to be. Once notable for the number of winos it attracted, the avenue has metamorphosed into Denver's own antique row. Boasting everything from Victorian furniture to knickknacks, 100-year-old dolls to art deco telephones, nostalgic yellowing love letters to dusty stained glass, Broadway is a veritable yellow brick road for collectors and windo-shoppers alike.

Our walking tour covers 25 stores, but there are lots of good ones that we left off the route to savev your feet. Once you get the hang of it, consider making a Broadway pilgrimage a monthly or bimonthly event. The stores ar constantly filling anew with finds from estate sales and jaunts back east (or even overseas). For some of the best shopping this side of the Mississippi, strap on your walking shoes and head for Broadway.