Red, Hot, and Healthy

The absolute latest in Denver health, fitness, and beauty.

September 1994
All it takes is a quick look around to know that Denverites are no strangers to doing whatever it takes to feel and look their best - and they're finding new and better ways of achieving their goals everyday. Here are 10 of the hottest trends in health, beauty, and fitness that are keeping the Mile-High City in tip-top shape.

Let's face it. Aerobics are boring. In trying to put a fresh face on the tedium of hopping around for hours on end, fitness gurus have come up with everything from steps and slides to Richard Simmons and "Sweatin' to the Oldies." But we've never seen anything that was quite as goofy (and fun) as the newest cardiovascular craze: the Fitball

Developed in Switzerland in the '70s as a therapeutic exercise tool, the Fitball looks like a thick-skinned beach ball. Sizes vary according to the user's height, from a diameter of 17 inches (for smaller users) up to 29 inches.