What's New, Denver?

January 1995

Everyone, it seems, has a "Best of Denver" list. But instead of being useful, most fall short in one of two ways:

  • The list recites the same ol' institutions year after year. Lickey Split has the best ice cream? The tattered Cover is the best bookstore? What a surprise. Yawn.
  • In an attempt to be novel (the more cynical among us would say "in an attempt to seel lots of ads"), some folks dream up categories so esoteric as to defy imagination (and practically): "best Place to Eat Bull Testicles and Listen to Lynyrd Skynrd, " "Best Place to Play Chess with Teenagers," "Best Snapping Turtle." We're not making this up.
  • 5280's alternative is to offer up this short and sweet list of great (and not-so-great) people, places, and things that have come along in the last year. We'll admit upfront that in a few cases we stretched that time limit by a month or two, but hey, cut us a little slac. At least we're not serving up bull testicles.