Special Section: 5280's Guide to the 1995 Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Learn how one of the nation’s premier visual arts events began, how it’s put together every year, and meet festival founder Bill Charney. Plus, we spotlight 14 festival artists to look for — the best of the best.

July 1995

Art and Accolades: The wildly-popular Cherry Creek Arts Festival seemed to spring out of nowhere. How did it happen? Learn how the festival has grown in just five years, and sample some reactions from artists, patrons, and the public.

Cherry Creek Art Picks: With 200 of the nation's best artists in one place, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival is an art lover's dream come true. But 5280 has targeted 14 must-see creative talents - the cream of the festival crop - with photos of their best work.

Diary of a Festival: Three days + 200 artists + 1,000 volunteers + 300,000 guests adds up to months of intense planning and execution. Learn how the festival comes together every year.

Better Days: Meet the man who had a vision of the ideal visual arts festival. Having achieved a healthy balance of personal and professional success, Bill Charney is living the life he's always wanted.

Give and Take: We enjoy attending this cultural, three-day block party every July, but the festival is more than just another event. It has a positive impact on Denver all year long.