Global Gifts

November 1995

We've all been told that it is better to give than receive. The reason, I've come to believe, isn't to be found simply in the selflessness of giving. It's also the joyous adventure that comes from searching for and discovering a truly wonderful gift for someone you care about.

Of course, that part of the equation often gets trampled in this era of crowded shopping malls and frantic calls to faceless mail-order companies. Gift giving becomes an obligation, full of stress rather than a source of satisfaction

It needn't be so. This year, I'll be doing my shopping at some of Denver's many ethnic outposts. These small shops are scattered throughout the metro area, and are usually run by expatriates from the store's native land. At each shop, you'll experience a taste of the country's culture, which means you get the benefits of a mini vacation from the hustle of city life, while your loved ones will get gifts that transcend the ordinary and shimmer with international flair.