What's New Is Old

March 1996

Greg worked as a landscape contractor while attending college in Long Island, N.Y. After returning home to Denver, he began suffering from dizziness and nausea. Initially diagnosed as the flu, the symptoms persisted. A full year followed with visits to specialists, tests for numerous pathogens including HIV, prescriptions for various antibiotics, and even a referral to a psychiatrist. After research at a local library, Greg diagnosed himself with Lyme disease, which was epidemic in Long Island when he lived there. By that time the disease had already progressed to its worst stage — arthritis and other afflictions had set in. At the recommendation of a friend, he went to see a homeopath. After two treatments all the symptoms vanished.

Beth, a North Denver resident, had suffered from recurring ovarian cysts since the age of 14. By the time she turned 22, she had undergone surgery twice. Beth had seen a program about acupuncture on PBS and had read articles in Newsweek and Time, so when she developed her third cyst, she decided to forgo another operation in favor of acupuncture. Within four months a previously diagnosed 6.6 centimeter cyst was no longer evident.