Posh Public Potties

May 1996

Why is it that women always go to the bathroom in pairs? So we can talk about the ment we're with? Sure, but we also form potty pairs to share the many necessities we can't live without. The best bathrooms give us more time to dish by providing all the things we couldn't shoehorn into our tiny black evening bags. In no particular Order:

Cherry Creek Shopping Center

When this shopping center opened nearly six years ago, it's claim to fame - besides having Colorado's only Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Lord & Taylor - was the lavish bathrooms.


Noel Cunnigham's best-known eatery boasts a well-equipped bathroom that truly caters to a woman's needs. Here's a laundry list: matches, mouthwash, toothpicks, cotton swabs, tampons (thank God!), hand lotion, hair spray, paper towels, tissues, and cotton balls.

Ciao! Baby

The bathroom at Cunnigham's Tiffany Plaza restaurant offers all of Strings' amenities, but toss in Italian language lessons as an extra bonus.

Neiman Marcus

Denver's poshest department store ought to have the poshest potties, right? Neiman's doesn't disappoint. Each roomy bathroom, complete with a wooden-slatted door, includes a private sink within. The countertops throughout are marble, and the walls are covered with faux-finished wallpaper.