5280's Guide to the 1996 Cherry Creek Arts Festival

July 1996

With more than 2,000 artists from around the globe vying for just 200 exhibitor spaces, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival is the nation’s most competitive outdoor art show. Of those selected, 21 call Colorado home — a testament to the caliber of the state’s artists.

As a group, their work shares some distinct regional characteristics: bright primary colors, a joyful naiveté in form and approach, calm acceptance of the transcendent power of nature, and superior craftsmanship. Nevertheless, their differences are even more enjoyable, as you will see from the following guide to the Colorado 21:


Kathleen Caricof

The sinuous, feminine forms encapsulated in Caricof’s marble sculptures recall the voluptuous nudes of Picasso, yet they refuse to be pinned down as simply figural. As much like ocean waves or weathered tree trunks as nudes, resemblance is in the mind of the beholder.

C. Daniel Gelakoska

The artist’s bold, happy personality shows through these exuberant monoprints and serigraphs. Filled with primary colors and storybook shapes, Gelakoska’s tribal-influenced images are as Colorado as they come.

Deborah Carlson

Abstract canvases in the classical mode, sometimes reminiscent of the grey depths of mountain thunderstorms, Carlson’s oil mono prints contain surprises like bits of patinaed metal or gold leaf.