Denver a la Carte

September 1996

Forget the appetizers, let’s get right to the main course. Of the 1,600 full-service restaurants in the metro area, only a very small fraction sets the standard for food, ambiance, and service. This isn’t to say that these places are flawless — virtually no restaurant is — but these are the best that Denver has to offer (listed alphabetically).

Anastasia Vieux Carré 5946 S. Holly St.


Aubergine Cafe 225 E. 7th Ave.


Augusta 1672 Lawrence St.


Barolo Grill 3030 E. 6th Ave.


Bistro Adde Brewster 250 Steele St.


Cadillac Ranch 1400 Larimer St.


Cafe Brazil 3611 Navajo St.