New & Improved

November 1996

Colorado's mountain resorts enjoed summer makeovers that would make Hollywood beam. For starters, they've added 10 new high-speedk lifts, hundreds of acres of snowmaking capacity, more than 40 new trails, ad rad new terrain gardens - or veritable theme parks - for snowboarders. They've beefed up ski, snowboard, and snowshoe rental fleets, and now have more instructional programs than you can shake a ski pole at. Resorts have "gone Barney" to embrace families, offering expanded day-care facilities, unique children's lesson programs, and free skiing for the younger set.

If you've been turning your nose up at snowboarding. get ove rit. With snowboarders ringing up to 30 percent of lift ticket sales at many resorts, the body-piercing-tattooed-grunge-cop-an-attitude sport is here for keeps. Look for beaucoup rail slides, fun boxes, kickers, jibs, and enough adult first-timer lesson programs to take you to he level where you actually understand this sentence.