Camelot Comes to Colorado

April 1997

Three decades ago the nation was charmed by an American fairy tale. Today, the fascination with Camelot still abounds. For proof, look no farther than the frenzy that erupted last year when Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ costume jewelry went on the auction block.

Now Denver will get its own chance to re-live the Kennedy years when “A Tribute to Jackie,” a traveling photo exhibit, goes on display at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center (3000 E. First Ave., 388-3900) for the month of May. The exhibit features 75 mounted photographs taken between 1958-1963 by Jacques Lowe, the Kennedy campaign’s official photo-grapher and later, the family’s personal photographer.

The photos range from a shot of JFK and Jackie sitting unnoticed in an Oregon diner while campaigning in 1959 to intimate portraits of Jackie and daughter Caroline during the White House years.

Here in Denver, organizers are accenting Lowe’s photographs with Camelot-era memorabilia gathered from local residents. “We’ve had more than 50 responses from people hoping to donate objects,” says the shopping center’s Stephanie Harington. “It’s incredible and we hope to display everything we’ve collected.” In addition to the items pictured here, the exhibit will include a 1951 yearbook from Vassar (where Jackie went to college), a “stylish” alligator purse, and a Christmas card signed by the Kennedys.