The Shape of Things to Come

June 1997

Evans school languishes at 11th and Acoma Street like a ship run aground. Abandoned since 1974, the historic structure looks painfully out of place amid the ubiquitous parking lots and squat office buildings of the Golden Triangle. Conspicuously absent from this cityscape is the feature you’d most expect to find near an elementary school — housing.

But Evans hasn’t always been a fish out of water. Radical as the notion seems, the Golden Triangle — bounded by Lincoln Street to the east, Colfax Avenue to the north, and Speer Boulevard to the southwest — used to be a nice place to live. The school opened in 1904 and for decades anchored a thriving residential neighborhood; most of its students lived within walking distance. Then came the postwar rush to the suburbs, and the local population evaporated, leaving Evans School high and dry.

Well, the tide is about to rush back in. The Golden Triangle is awash in residential development. Two new housing complexes have already opened — the 22-unit Cadillac Lofts and the 58-unit Metropolitan Lofts — and at least half a dozen other projects are under construction or in the planning stages.