Rocks, Rapids, & Big Air

August 1997

As i paddled, the kayak knifed through the water with amazing agility. Though I had been taught the basic strokes and coached on river safety, I was still hesitant about takin gon the rapids.

In moments, the water boiled around me and off I went on the liquid roller coaster. I stroked and braced and stroked again until, almost as soon as I entered the raging water, I was shot out the other end.

Free of the rapids, I was psyched. I had successfully navigated this sextion of the South Platte River near the Children's Museum.

White water near the Children's Museum? Surprised? So was I. But that;s what this story is all about. It's about enjoying the active sports we normally find in the mountains and doing them right here in the Mile-High City.

It's also about participating in sports you might not have tried before. So hang on as we take you on an adventure into Denver's active sports world