Dining Reviews

October 1997

Feeding Frenzy
Sharkey’s Eatery, 221 Doc Susie Ave., Fraser, (970) 726-7149

On the drive to Grand Lake, just after cresting Berthoud and prying my fingers off the steering wheel, we usually stop for a break and a breath of air. For a while, we stopped at the Winter Park McDonald’s — because it was there and because it was cheap. Then, quite by accident, we found Sharkey’s Eatery, a little A-framed hole-in-the-wall along the main drag in Fraser. Set back just a bit, it’s a tiny place, a little difficult to catch on the fly, but worth the effort of a search.

Open at six for breakfast, they serve a full menu. But I tend to judge every breakfast place by how they prepare Eggs Benedict ($5.95). I love the stuff (as does my cardiac specialist, who’s convinced he’s going to have me on the table soon – then he’ll finally be able to put in the cabana next to his pool).