Marc Crawford's Emotional Tightrope

October 1997

A photographer is describing a spot near Red Rocks where Marc Crawford and his family might have their portrait taken. It sounds wonderful — just the kind of picture to send back to family and friends in Canada — until the photographer mentions that getting to the site will require scaling a fence and crossing onto private property.

“Oh great,” Crawford says. “I can see the headlines now: ‘Avalanche coach and family arrested for trespassing.’ ”

He laughs, but make no mistake — the 36-year-old Crawford is very concerned with appearances.

Not in a vain way, mind you, but rather in the careful and studied manner of a young man who has risen quickly to the top of his profession and needs to show the world that his success is well-deserved. You see it in the expensive, but tasteful suits he wears on the Colorado Avalanche bench.