Sagebrush Superbowl

December 1997

Some folks just don’t get it. The dust, the dry Colorado cold, the virtual barnyards in closed quarters, the ambient modern cow consciousness. There’s an aura and mystique to Denver’s National Western Stock Show that quite a number of folks just don’t comprehend. They ain’t savvy. If you were to do a breakdown of Stock Show attendees, I reckon it’d look something like this:

40 percent - Stockmen and their families
15 percent - Real cowboys and cowgirls
5 percent -Wannabe cowboys and cowgirls
20 percent - Parents who think their kids need to see all this
20 percent - Kids who think their parents need to see all this

A more scientific tally done in 1982 by the Coors Research Department found that 26 percent of the Stock Show’s visitors come from 30 states, as well as four foreign countries. Each visitor pumps at least $100 per day into the local economy.