Queasy Rider

February 1998

I’m 44 and up until a few years ago, the idea of learning to snowboard ranked right up there with becoming a vegetarian or listening to John Tesh CDs.

After all, I had skied for 25 seasons and rationalized that I could put my skills on cruise control for the next several decades.

Then came the epic storm. I was at Monarch Resort and knee deep in powder. Typically, I would have been on a pair of 207-centimeter all-mountain skis. But that day, I was on a pair of Volant Chubbs. Considerably shorter and nearly twice as wide as conventional skis, they’re designed to ride higher in deep snow – and to make powder skiing sinfully easy. They do.

As I rode the lift, I watched in awe as snowboarders whooshed effortlessly, riding even higher in the powder than me on my fatties. That’s when, like a teen-age boy to a Playboy, I was drawn to snowboarding. This is my tale.