Where to Live?

April 1998

Denver Mayor Wellington Webb proudly declared 1998 "The year of the neighborhood." He might as well have proclaimed it "The Year Of Oxygen" or "The Year of Gravity." Neighborhoods are that fundamental. We live and breath them, we orbit around them. Fact is, every year is the year of the neighborhood. Denver's tremendous growth in this decade has had an equally tremendous impact on its neighborhoods. Some are prospering, others are staggering beneath the challenges brought on by the area's influx of new residents and development.

The 14 neighborhoods profiled here are by no means meant to represent the 14 best ones in Denver. They're a survey - not quite random, but far from scientific - of the metro area's residential landscape in 1998. Think of it as 14 different reasons to live in a neighborhood; or 14 reasons to avoid a neighborhood; or 14 things a neighborhood's residents care deeply about; or 14 things they are prould of; or 14 things they can't bear to face.