A Brush with Fame

August 1998

Pablo Picasso, the 20th century's most legendary enfant terrible, said his art was a struggle to imitate the art of children. And Picasso wasn't alone. Today the sweetness, originality, and abandon found in children's naive drawings and paintings are the envy of professional artists everywhere. Unfortunately, even the most accomplished adult painter cannot truly capture a child's perspective. After all, most professional artists are , well...grownups.

That's why the wonderful art of world-famous 12-year-old Alexandra Nechita strikes art viewers like a bold out of the titian blue. Nechita's colorful paintings are fabulously popular among art collectors and exciting to critics. Her upcoming show at Gallery M in Cherry Creek North shows off Nechita's remarkable talents in abstract painting and collaborative lithographs. Those unfamiliar with this young lady's artwork will find a refreshing climpse of a world both familiar and strange - a childlike perspective on daily life and situations that is utterly unique and charming