The Gossips

December 1998

All appeared on May 7, 1859 - in the paper's second month of publication - under the heading "Local Items." Each day's edition brought a fresh batch of such bulletins, displayed in their accustomed spot on the lefthand side of page 3. Denver wasn't yet incorporated and was home to only a few hundred citizens, but already it bore a sure indicator of future prosperity: It had a gossip column.

How little things change. Today the news posts "local items" daily on page6 under Norm Clarke's byline. The competing Denver Post presents such miscellany on page 2, with the writing duties divided between Dick Kreck and Bill Husted. There, alongside weighty dispatches from Washington and Beijing and Rome, we read about which Bronco cheerleaders posed nude for Playboy, why Blinky the Clown may file suit against Channel 2, which rock band is slated to play at the HardRock Cafe's opening-night bash, and other urgent homefront matters.