Denver for Night Owls

April 1999

Maybe you’re a doctor, a pilot, or a telephone operator. Maybe you’re an architect or software developer on deadline. Or maybe you’re just a garden-variety insomniac.

Why ask why? It’s OK to be a night owl.

So go ahead – work, eat, play, shop (and sleep) whenever it suits you. Denver offers a variety of ?late-night diversions and essentials, but you have to know where to look.

Denver is not Las Vegas. Chances are you will not find yourself buying running shoes, furniture, or a minivan after 10:00 p.m. And unless your hairstylist makes late-night house calls, your cut and curl will have to wait until morning; ditto for your shave and shoeshine. Nevertheless, night owls enjoy many options besides “The Late Show,” “The Late, Late Show,” and a bag of microwave popcorn.

Up late? We assume you know where to go for gasoline, fast food, and lottery tickets, so we’ll leave those to you. In addition, we figure you’ve already chosen your favorite watering hole, because Denver is one town where it’s easy to find a good drink – at least until 2 in the morning. But you may not know where to go for an energizing workout, a well-prepared dinner, some kicking coffee, and the companionship of other nocturnal spirits like yourself, all after the clock chimes 12 and your early bird comrades have long gone home