Art Couples

June 1999

If the lop-eared Van Gogh is any indication, artists can barely live with themselves, let alone a spouse. Nevertheless, art history is littered with the broken hearts of male and female artists alike who found their soul mate and their doom in the same relationship. One thinks of such artist-couples as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, or poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. For them, marriage meant pain, obsession, and death.

In other words, when the man is from Mars, the woman is from Venus, and they’re both Artists from Outer Space, a planetary collision is only natural. They should be so lucky as to lose only an ear.

That’s a scary picture, but it never seems to stop romantic little girls from kissing frog after talented frog in an attempt to find her own Prince Charming Artist. She yearns for someone to sweep her away to a delightful studio loft – to make art, love, and tadpoles. Perhaps it is this redeeming fantasy that causes so many artistic couples to get together, despite the odds. But who knows?