Top Of The Town

June 1999

For the third year in a row, we asked readers to tell us what they love about the Mile-High City. And for the first time, we also asked them to tell us what’s not so hot. One thing is for sure: Our readers are very opinionated. (That’s good; we like that.)

The results are more than just a three-peat – to use a Denver-coined word – of the last two years, however. There’s tons of cool new stuff in Denver since our last survey, including Colorado Ocean Journey, the Denver Pavilions, and another Super Bowl victory.

Not every Editor’s Choice is accompanied by a Readers’ Choice. In a few categories, no strong ?winner emerged, and we declared no victor. Of course, that didn’t stop us from voicing our own ?opinions, because, like you, we’re very opinionated.

On the pages that follow, we list Denver’s Top people, places, and things in dozens of categories. You’ll find some old favorites, and discover some new ones, too. Most importantly, we’d like to inspire you: To get some fresh air, to try some new shops and hangouts, to write to your local and state governments, and even to talk to strangers. And please, let us know what you find. Who knows? We may feature your ideas next year.