12 Best-Kept Neighborhood Secrets

February 2000

Don't you hate it when you buy that dream house in that dream neighborhood only to find that your best buddy got more square footage for less money in an area that's even more up-and-coming than yours? Ouch...

Well, given our deep appreciation of the quest for upward mobility in the Mile-High City, we've selected a dozen neighborhoods that might spare you such a realestate nadire. These are neighborhoods - eight of Denver's 79 and four suburban gems - that, while perhaps not all well-guarded secrets, certainly tend to be overlooked in the Washington Park-Cherry Creek North Banter of the day.

Granted, the inquiry presented here is a combinatino of empiricism and opinion, with no specific formula for incorporating the two. What is produced, however, is a collection of excellent places to root yourself in and around Denver, no matter what your station in the quest.