Top (less) of the Town

June 2000

At an elevation of 5,280 feet, it’s hard to get much higher than the Mile-High City. But the restaurants, services, stores, and people mentioned in this year’s Top of the Town have managed to soar above our grandest expectations.

As the name suggests, the Editors’ Choice awards were selected by a team of 5280 editors and writers. The Readers’ Choice awards are the results of the hundreds of reader ballots cast. Ballots were published in the February/March and April/May issues. You’ll notice that not every Editors’ Choice is accompanied by a Readers’ Choice – that’s because some categories produced no clear winner. Where there were several favorites, we made note of runners up. Due to space, we had to cut some categories, but you can find those favorites on our website at www.5280.com.

Our hats are off to all the winners!

Top Burger

Editors' Choice: Mel’s Bar and Grill, 235 Fillmore St., 303-333-3979

The Cherry Cricket, 2641 E. Second Ave., 303-322-7666

Top Pizza

Editors' Choice: Basil Doc's, 303-778-7747

Readers' Choice: Wazee Supper Club, 303-623-9518

Top Green Chile

Editors' Choice: El Azteca, Various Locations

Readers' Choice: The Cherry Cricket, 303-322-7666