Top Doctors

August 2000

Searching for a doctor can be a daunting task. Some people would rather write their will than pick out a physician. Our advice: Don’t wait until you are sick or injured.

Instead of grabbing the Yellow Pages or scouring your PPO handbook, why not take the sound advice of other doctors? After all, most doctors are keenly aware of who’s best in the field – whether it’s theirs or not. Information is the most important tool you have, so we’ve begun the legwork for you.

For the seventh time, 5280 has asked Denver-area doctors to recommend who they would trust with their own health or the health of a loved one. We also asked them to rank area hospitals and health maintenance organizations.

We sent our 2000 survey to 1,500 local physicians asking for recommendations in a wide range of specialties, and 16 percent responded, generating thousands of nominations. Our list reflects the doctors who were mentioned most often.

This list is your springboard, and is by no means exhaustive. Relatives, friends, trusted physicians, and your insurance company can offer you further suggestions. Most importantly, you must decide what matters most: proximity, conservative vs. the latest-available treatment, the parameters of your insurance plan, and clicking with your doctor.