February 2001

All that talent, all those skills, all that knowledge. It translates into a beautiful home for you, but what does it mean for the designer behind the scenes? We asked four local designers to discuss what it is about interior design that turns them on.

Marjorie Cranston (formerly Marjorie Stark)

She's all about nuts and bolts. Her expertise in construction planning revolves around the small details that give a house presence: fireplaces, trims, moldings, front doors. In addition to the pretty, she has a keen eye for the functional: appliances, plumbing, roofing, and the like. “Most people don’t think of a woman being interested in things like plumbing, but I have a fascination for how things are put together,” says Cranston, who’s owned her own interior design business for 10 years. “I’m very mechanical in my thinking process. I like to problem solve and figure out how everything will fit together so that it will all look good in the end.”

Although she’s redecorated specific rooms during her 22-year career, Cranston prefers to focus her talents on the home’s actual structure. “I think the backdrop is the most important thing. If that’s solid, you can put nothing in it and it will still look beautiful. I’m becoming more of a minimalist because I like the architectural element so much.” You can readily identify Cranston’s craft by her selection of beautiful woods and moldings.

You can reach Cranston at MSID (formerly Marjorie Stark Interior Design) at 303-980-0790.