Culinary Quandaries

April 2001

Questions! We get question after question about Denver's dining scene. "What are the new hot spots?" "Where can I shamelessly gorge on chocolate?" "Are there any culinary schools in Denver?" "Where can I find the dirt on restaurant health inspection reports?" " What's the beef on beed?" "Where can I smoke a stogie?" "And what on god's green earth is Pho - and, how do you pronounce it?"

We don't simply toss these questions aside. Au contraire! We could build our own Paper Warehouse with all those letters and e-mails. It's clear that our readers take their hearty appetites seriously. Some of you even go so far as to make dining out a physical exertion. Been to Campo de Fiori yet? Just elbowing your way through the front door burns off a good chunk of your dinner calories. Is it worth it? Keep reading.

You'll find the answer to that question and a slew of others in this tour of the city's food scene - everything from our top picks for pasta dishes, to dim sum tip sheet, to the low down on Thai food and ethnic markets, to the best bets for bites at or near DIA.