Sound Bites

April 2001

Turn off the radio and admit it. A majority of modern mainstream music is mindless mediocrity fed to listeners by self-seeking record companies. How can you be excited about innovative music when you’re being supplied what they want you to listen to? Where do needy listeners turn in this post-millennium desert of so called mega-music? The answer – local, independent artists not yet manipulated by big name labels. New technologies have decreased production costs, allowing artists to independently market albums via the Internet. Out of the hands of shortsighted executives, the music remains truer to the artists’ vision and the musicians are able to mature and develop naturally.

Fortunately, the Denver and Boulder area is an oasis of local music talent. But Colorado is no longer just a birthplace for hippie jam bands. Some of the most talented artists in the country reside here and they’re playing everything from pop rock to hip-hop.

Music and creative expression are the common denominator among these artists, not fame or fortune. This means that Front Range residents have access to some of the most entertaining, passionate, authentic, and unpredictable music right down the street on any given night of the week.