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June 2001

Top Athlete Currently Playing

Editors’ Choice: Raymond Bourque

Ray Bourque has transformed the Avalanche. Before Bourque, the Avs were a finesse team that while fast and skilled, would avoid punishment rather than dish it out. No more. Every young Avs player – Alex Tanguay, Chris Drury, Steven Reinprecht, and even Chris Dingman – has learned by watching this legend at work. No. 77’s ethics, skill, and smarts will continue to pay dividends, even after he skates into the sunset. The next generation of players will continue to model their games after his. It’s said Bourque is one of the top five players ever to play in the NHL. And did we mention he’s 40 and that he’s still skating circles around players half his age. Lest you think Boston is bitter about losing their aging hero, all their sporting goods stores now sell Bourque’s Avs jersey to longtime Bruins fans.