Top Doctors

August 2001

Looking for a doctor? Checking up on the one you already have? For the eighth time, 5280 has asked Denver-area doctors to recommend who they would trust with their own health or the health of a loved one. We also asked them to rank area hospitals and health maintenance organizations.

And for those in the market for a physician, who better to consult with than Denver doctors themselves? Our advice: Don’t wait until you are sick or injured. Start researching now, and track down a doctor who you can trust with your good health.


We sent our 2001 survey to 1,500 local physicians asking for recommendations in a wide range of specialties, and 17 percent responded, generating thousands of nominations. Our list reflects the doctors who were mentioned most often.

Consider this list a starting point in your search for a doctor. The information gathered from relatives, friends, trusted physicians, and your insurance company can offer further suggestions. Most importantly, you must decide what matters most: the parameters of your insurance plan, proximity, treatment style, and the comfort level you feel with your doctor.