Faux Naturel

October 2001

Palmer Pekarek is a poster boy for the Colorado lifestyle. He belongs to two health clubs and spends 12 hours a week working out, including two sessions with a personal trainer. On weekends, he inline skates, skis, and plays tennis. But for all that effort, the 31-year-old director of marketing and public relations for a Denver nonprofit couldn’t lose the love handles around his waist. So in March, Pekarek escalated his battle for a better body and paid for a liposuction procedure that removed 10.5 pounds from his abdomen. “No matter what I did I couldn’t lose weight there. My love handles just wouldn’t go away unless I had the fat sucked out,” he says. Pekarek says he’s thrilled with the results, but he also realizes that health is a never-ending challenge. “Although I got rid of the personal trainer, I continue to work out. I’ve invested a chunk of change into my body and there’s no way I’m going back to the way I was.”