22 People To Watch

December 2001

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be happy to say goodbye to 2001. It wasn’t the kind of year that lends itself to nostalgic year-in-review essays or collections of sarcastic one-liners. We can’t forget what happened, but we’re ready to move forward. So you’ll forgive us if we dispense with our customary year-end rankings of Denver’s power brokers and instead look ahead by introducing you to 22 people poised to make the Mile-High City a better place in the new year. We’ve tried to steer clear of the usual suspects, those folks whose names appear day after day in the headlines and gossip columns. Many of our picks will be unknown to you. Others are people we think you’ll see in a new light in 2002. They’re athletes, educators, artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs, and they’re all people to watch in 2002.