Great Places to Live

May 2002

When searching for a neighborhood, the perennial favorites include Washington Park, Park Hill, and Cherry Hills, to name a few. What truly makes these Denver neighborhoods special is the sense of community that surrounds them.

These tried-and-true areas have an identity and a unity among their residents. It’s this sense of community identity that sets them apart. And as Denver’s population continues to increase in both the suburban and urban areas, this feeling of community is rapidly spreading to new – and often unheard of – places.

Some of the following neighborhoods are a bit off the beaten path. There are some you may not have heard of and others you know exist, but aren’t sure if they are right for you. While vastly different and distinct in their own right, these areas share one common element: a sense of pride in a place that is theirs. Here’s a list of 10 great places to live and a look at the people who live there. We think you’ll agree these neighborhoods are worthy of a spot on your wish list.