Single in the City 2003

February 2003

And you thought all the good ones were taken.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. With all the dating services around town these days, you’d think all of Denver was paired up by now. As if! Without dropping a dime on professional services, we found 24 amazing people, each one of them a catch.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. So, for the third year in a row, we took on the task of finding Denver’s top singles. Our in-boxes were jammed with nominations and the phone was ringing off the hook while we filled our calendars with “blind dates.”

So, who are Denver’s most eligibles? A redhead, a base jumper, a surgeon, a dancer, a former White House staffer, a Wino, a woman who knows the score and a man who won’t kiss on the first date, an overachiever, a pool shark, a Chip off the old block, a Broncos insider, a social worker, two women who are dialed in, a chef, two designers, a healer, a hairstylist, the life of the party, a car collector, a woman who chills in Jamaica, and a Guy with a voice like Barry White.

What more could you ask for?


Molly Keenan, 30




Interior designer

In five years, Molly wants her life to be everything it is today – only better. A creative soul who loves to shop, Molly is currently calling the shots with her own interior design business. A Nebraska native, she is most proud of the person she’s become after stepping out on her own in the Mile-High City. Although she never appears to have a hair out of place, she’s an avid outdoorswoman who makes time to ski and hike. Just watch your manners because this Miss Molly is looking for a perfect gentleman.


Where do you live? Cherry Creek North.

What drives you? I feel like I’ve always been on a creative path, I think that’s what drives me. But I’m also very social, so with my interior design business I get to do both. It’s great to get to know people and their styles and then see them get excited about what we create. Most of my clients are friends and I feel like I get to know a different side of them through design.