Top of the Town

Cheers to the 2003 winners! Raise your glasses to more than 250 things that make Denver a great place to live. While we hope you’ll discover some new businesses, people, and places, we’re sure this year’s list also highlights a few old favorites.

June 2003


Top Places, Service, Personalities, Shopping, Dining, Kid Stuff, Entertainment, and Worst Stuff


Top Place to Break Up - Highline Chair Lift on Vail Mountain
Need someone’s undivided attention? You’ve got it on the Highline chair. With a 14-minute ride, whatever needs to be aired can be said with total privacy. Then, at the top, you can go your separate ways and head for cover in the trees, bash some bumps, or find a nice groomer. After all, Vail Mountain is big enough for the both of you!

Top New Restaurant - Clair de Lune
Owner-chef Sean Kelly’s latest gift to Denver’s dining scene is barely bigger than a bread box, but his kitchen is a tower of culinary riches. Kelly is a leave-me-out-of-the-limelight kind of chef whose “simple is better” philosophy translates into fine food. Relying on impeccable ingredients that don’t require gimmicks to push the boundaries, Kelly has the good sense not to take himself too seriously. He also has a panache for hiring intelligent, professional, and genuinely caring servers who are passionate about their customers. Indeed, the greatest surprises often do come in small packages. 1313 E. Sixth Ave., 303-831-1992.

Top Place to Pop the Question - Main Gondola over Telluride at night
As the sun falls over the lights of this sleepy Colorado mountain town, the quiet 15-minute gondola ride should be plenty of time to ask, and there is room to kneel if necessary. If you expect things to go well, make reservations at Allred’s, the restaurant at the first landing, which shares a spectacular view of the town and Bridal Veil Falls.

Top Restaurant to fall off your diet - Cherry Creek Grill
If the smell alone – that of the Grill’s wood-fired rotisserie – doesn’t make you gain serious poundage, what arrives on your plate, in gluttonous portions, undoubtedly will. The roasted chicken, its skin crispy and crackling, oozes heart-stopping juices, but not so much as the cheeseburger or prime rib “French dip,” both of which yield a bounty of artery-clogging decadence. If that weren’t enough to stop you, uh…dead in your tracks, there are always the buttery-skilleted cornbread or mashed potatoes. 184 Steele St., 303-322-3524.