Let's Do Lunch

Settle into Booth No. 11 at Denver's Palm Restaurant and you'll get an insider's view of how business is done in the Mile-High City.

August 28 2010, 7:06 PM

Noon is high time at the Palm. Arrive any later and you’ll miss all the fun.

Precisely at noon, walk in the front door and you’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with about eight other people in suits, all waiting their turn for a personal greeting from general manager Dan Foster.

The restaurant is slammed, but he’ll always smile and probably address you by name, before grabbing a wine list and leading you to your table. It’s Denver’s version of that scene from GoodFellas, where the young Ray Liotta and his date are led to a front-row table.

Make the most of this trip down the Palm’s main aisle because if you do it right, it’s worth the price of lunch alone. “I call it the perp walk,” says John Imbergamo, a local restaurant consultant and vegetarian, who mostly orders salads at the Palm.