A Year of Indulgence

August 28 2010, 7:06 PM

The holidays are over, the pace has slowed, and you’re in need of serious rejuvenation. A relaxing facial or an herbal body wrap might do the trick.

On a cold winter’s day there is nothing so pleasurable as time spent at Boulder’s Essentiels Spa. Arguably the most indulgent spa in the metro area, Essentiels offers a signature facial ($80) that will melt away your stress. The treatment, which lasts 65 minutes, begins with an exfoliating back facial. Your technician then will begin a ritualistic routine of moisturizers, masques, and steam/spray treatments. You’ll be delighted with a scalp, neck, shoulder, and arm massage. The facial also includes a heated moisturizing treatment for your hands. Essentiels really does everything right – the rooms are quiet, the treatment tables are like being in your own bed, and use of the steam and sauna rooms is included in the cost of your treatment. 2660 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, 303-440-0711.

If you celebrated a bit too much over the holidays, treat yourself to a heavenly detox treatment at South Beach Body Spa. The Herbal Wrap ($60) will help rid your body of toxins so you can start the new year refreshed. As you lie in a candlelit treatment room, linens soaked in a hot herbal concoction are wrapped tightly around your entire body. Now, prepare to become a human burrito as you are wrapped further in dry sheets and finally a Mylar blanket. For the next 20 minutes, your body warms to a toasty temperature, which is relaxing and detoxifying. While the herbal wrap does its work on your body, the technician treats you to a peppermint scalp massage ­– truly heavenly. Finally, after relaxing alone for 10 more minutes, you’ll be unwrapped to hop into the shower before the technician lathers your body with the salon’s rich Pevonia body lotion. You’ll feel fresh and smooth, and you’ll smell fantastic for the rest of the day. 500 E. 19th Ave., 303-831-0463.