Single in the City

August 28 2010, 7:06 PM

21 reasons why it's good to be single in Denver.

The glances and blushes, the lowered lashes and teasing smiles...ahhh, the sweetness of a date gone right. The moment you say, "See you at six," and hang up the phone, the pre-date jitters take over. Before long, you're trying to contain your excitement, tame your butterflies, remember how to make good conversation, and figure out what to wear. Sometimes you wonder if it's all worth it. Let us assure you that the singles making up our fourth annual list of Denver's hottest men and women are worth every bit of the fuss.

After months of combing through nominations, we set up dozens of interviews around town before choosing these 21 spectacular singles. With all the press Denver received this year for being one of the best cities for the single life, we knew we'd find an abundance of Mr. and Ms. Rights. And we did. From ages 22 to 47, anthropologists and cheerleaders to lobbyists and musicians, allow us to introduce you to 21 special someones.