Top Doctors

October 2004

Forget plugging your symptoms into WebMD. Sometimes that persistent cough or nagging headache means you really do need to see a real-life physician. And when that time comes, you want to see someone who’s competent and comes with great references.

Looking through the Yellow Pages, especially when you’re sick, is no way to find a physician. Even if you’re feeling fine, the idea of hunting for a new doctor might make you feel a little queasy. But for more than a decade, there’s been a better way. Each year, 5280 has done the searching for you, coming up with a list of Denver’s top-rated doctors.

How do we do it? From the state’s list of more than 6,000 metro area licensed doctors, we randomly selected 4,000 physicians to receive our 2004 Top Doctors survey. In the survey, we asked doctors to recommend other metro area physicians whom they would trust with their own health or the health of a loved one in more than 50 medical specialties. Nearly 19 percent of the doctors responded (our best response ever), and the following pages reveal their informed recommendations of more than 200 area doctors.