Breakthrough Doctors

February 2005

Exploring new ways to battle disease, these 14 local scientists are a snapshot of Denver's vanguard medical-research community.

It's a sad state of affairs when we can rattle off Jake Plummer's pass rating, know what restaurant Kate Hudson was seen at over the weekend, and converse intelligently about Carmelo Anthony's drug bust, but can't name those people in our community who make a real difference in our lives. What does it say that there are heroes hidden in offices across the metro area, yet not one is a household name? Sally Wenzel, Kristi Anseth, Jeff Wagener, Curt Freed-anything ring a bell? Maybe they should.

These men and women, and 10 others on the following pages, are Denver's breakthrough doctors. They are the M.D.s and Ph.D.s on the front lines of medical innovation-people who are haunted by the devastation of cystic fibrosis, driven by the hope they may provide a Parkinson's patient, tireless in their effort to give a newborn a new lease on life. These researchers don't just see patients or read journals, they take inspiration from those avenues, ask important questions, and retreat to the lab to unlock the answers to our most destructive diseases.