Genie in a Bottle

April 2005

Can Colorado-made skincare products grant your wish for healthy skin?

I looked down at the brown package waiting outside my door and smiled: yet another special delivery from the Bonne Bell cosmetic company containing a month's supply of aloe vera moisturizer. The company stopped selling the stuff sometime back in the '80s, but my mom, who's been slathering the concoction onto her face every night since she was 18, put herself, me, and my sister on a special, lifetime-supply master list. I used to have faith in Mom's simple skincare regimen. Then I moved to Colorado, where simple just isn't good enough. Coloradans' pursuit of skin preservation may appear to border on obsession to an outsider. Mid-westerners, Southerners, and even New Englanders have no idea what we go through-damn them and their humidity. But mention skincare to a Coloradan, and she'll roll her eyes and throw her hands up in utter defeat and exasperation.