Top of the Town 2005

June 2005

Where to find Denver's best? From hot steaks to cool shakes, cute boys to smart toys, happy hours to chic flowers, our team of writers and editors sampled, shopped, drove, debated, tested, hiked, and scouted-all for you, dear reader. Here, your must-have guide. Plus: 144 reader favorites (nice work, guys).

Retail Therapy

Top Bike Shop

Editors' and Readers' Choice

Wheat Ridge Cyclery Editors and readers agree that Wheat Ridge Cyclery is a candy store for adults, and we're addicted. It's not just the stock-road, tri, mountain, and custom bikes, plus all the gear-that's tops. The shop also has the most talented, approachable staff in town. There's no bike-Nazi attitude here, just folks who love to cycle as much as you do. Whether you're buying a bike, a hydration pack, or a new Allen wrench, ask for help: This staff has tried out just about everything in the store. Plus, Wheat Ridge's bike-service department is stocked with friendly, down-to-earth guys who can diagnose and fix any problem. 7085 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, 303-424-3221.