Who Makes What (And How They Spend It)

Sizing up your neighbor's paycheck.

December 2005

In polite company, it's generally considered ill-mannered to talk about God, politics, or money. Luckily, our intrepid staff is not that polite. And while we left God and politics at the dinner table, 5280 has decided to share what we found out about money. Namely, some folks are raking it in.

Larry Mizel, the CEO of construction behemoth MDC Holdings, makes a cool $34 million a year—more than the combined salaries of the Denver Nuggets' starting five. Gary Barnett, the football coach of the Colorado Buffs, makes more than four times as much as Hank Brown, the president of the entire Colorado University system. And Gov. Owens makes about ten grand less than Mayor Hickenlooper (and both politicians make less than a high-heeled stripper at the Diamond Cabaret). Shocked? We were.