Denver's Beauty Gurus

Who makes Denver gorgeous? Our panel of experts singled out the best of the best. Plus, we dish up everything your hairdresser wants you to know, confessions of a beauty virgin, and the how-to-look-fabulous secrets of the Mile-High City's most radiant people.
February 2006
At 5280 we're always being asked about beauty in its many forms-can we recommend a dentist, please, or the city's most talented colorist? Well, we've got your answers. Our editors deputized a panel of local experts-socialites, stylists, makeup artists, and MDs-and promised them anonymity so they'd fork over the goods without fear of retribution. Then we asked them questions about everything-head to toe-and based on their answers found a selection of master crafts- people who dedicate their days to helping us feel better inside and look better outside. Plus, we headed out to be cut, colored, styled, pampered, coached, exfoliated, and whatever else we could do to make sure these folks could deliver. (The plastic surgery, however, is up to you.)